Are things getting better? Are things better now? Reports of meetings of The Forum on Maternity and the Newborn of the Royal Society of Medicine.

The best of both worlds: Complementary therapies for mothers and babies. November 2001

Inequality in maternity care. Where have we got to? April 2002

Are you sitting comfortably? Issues around perineal trauma. June 2002

Home Birth: a realistic possibility? November 2002

[Home Birth Section 2]

[Home Birth Section 3]

[Home Birth Section 4]

Mixed blessings - ethical issues in assisted conception. November 2002

Pregnant and with HIV: facts and feelings. February 2003

Caring for the emotions in pregnancy, birth and beyond. April 2003

[The Emotions Section 2]

[The Emotions Section 3]

[The Emotions Section 4]

A child for a child. Teenage pregnancy – whose problem? April 2003

Ethnic and cultural difference: implications for maternity care. September 2003

Domestic violence in pregnancy - Opening Pandora's Box. November 2003

Breastfeeding – State of the Art. February 2004

Normal birth - Is it possible in the 21st century? April 2004

[Normal birth Section 2]

Ill mothers and critical care: the challenge in the 21st Century. June 2004

Symphysis pubis dysfunction. September 2004

Changing Childbirth Again? The implications for maternity care of the National Service Framework. November 2004

Extended newborn screening – anticipating the future. February 2005

[Screening Section 2]

Preterm birth: a medical miracle with an emotional cost? April 2005

[Preterm Birth Section 2]

Coping with the impact of an obstetric emergency on the mother and her carers.

Litigation, risk management and patient safety; a new approach to old problems. November 2005

Assessment of the newborn: whose job –midwife or neonatologist? February 2006

Medicines in maternal and neonatal care: current practice and future developments. April 2006

[Medicines Section 2]

Female genital mutilation – an outmoded practice? June 2006

Assessment of the preterm neonate: state of the art. September 2006

Ethics at the beginning of life. September 2006

Controversies in childbirth. Exploring conflicts in current midwifery and obstetrics and the resulting neonatal dilemmas. March 2007

The art and science of twins. March 2007

[Twins Section 2]

[Twins Section 3]

The child protection minefield. April 2007

Asylum seekers and the maternity services. June 2007

Birth at home. September 2007

Weight matters - addressing obesity in pregnancy and beyond. November 2007

Birth after 35 - the older mother. February 2008

Joint meeting with the Intellectual Disability Forum.
Every family matters: disability, pregnancy and parenthood. June 2008

See also the report on our Normal Birth meeting in 2004 Normal birth - Is it possible in the 21st century?