Hypnosis for labour and birth
Tuesday 22 February 2011. Registration 2.00 for 2.30 PM

2.30 pm Welcome.
Professor Lesley Page, Visiting Professor in Midwifery
Mrs Jacky Owens, President, Section of Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine, RSM

2.45 pm What the research evidence tells us about hypnobirthing
Dr Rumi Peynovska MD, MSc, Medical Hypnotherapist, Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

3.15 pm Hypnobirthing, a way of reducing both the use of pain-relieving drugs and the length of labour
Diana Tibble, RM, RSHom, PgD Hypnosis, PgD Counselling

3.45 pm Discussion

4.15 pm Tea

4.45 pm Parents' experience of hypnobirthing
Jen Lanham, MSLC Representative, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Trust and Jon Brady - a father's view of a first hospital delivery and a hypnobirth for the next birth

5.30 pm Hypnobirthing in a rural midwifery practice
Naomi Morton, Registered Midwife, Chipping Norton Maternity Services, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust and Director Blissful Birthing and Lou Westwood, Director of 'Undisturbed Birthing'

6.15 pm Video - Hypnobirthing and Me

7.05 pm Discussion

8.05 pm Close of meeting

CPD credit applied for.

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