Medicines in maternal and neonatal care: current practice and future developments. What do we want to know about medicines for mothers and babies?

Full report

Morning Chairpersons:
Dr Richard Tiner and Dr Maggie Redshaw

"Setting the Scene" "Regulation around the use of medicines in pregnancy and clinical trials for mother & baby". Dr Richard Tiner

"Conducting randomised trials of medicines for use in pregnancy and the newborn". Dr Peter Brocklehurst (Director of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit , Oxford)

ORACLE & Consumer involvement in research. Gill Gyte (National Childbirth Trust)


Nursing issues in prescribing. Lynne Paterson (Consultant Neonatal Nurse)

Mothers and breast feeding. Louise Long (Kings College London)


Afternoon Chairpersons: Dr Anita Holdcroft and Dr Andrew Zambanini

"A journey through pregnancy" Examples of a patient journey highlighting concerns about medicines in pregnancy.

CASE STUDY 1 - Diabetes. Dr Jo Modder (Consultant Obstetrician and Obstetric Lead, Confidential Enquiries into Maternal and Child Health, CEMACH)

CASE STUDY 2 - Epilepsy. Naghme Adab (Consultant Neurologist, Coventry)

CASE STUDY 3 - Antibiotic prescribing. Alison Bedford Russell (Consultant Neonatologist)


Labour: Issues around labour analgesia. Dr Bernadette Loughnan (Northwick Park)

The sick newborn: neonatal care and medication from the parent's perspective. Sarah Milnes (BLISS)

Where do we go from here? A 'wish list' and what we need to do. Professor Al Aynsley-Green