9.00 am Chair: Dr Luke Zander, General Practitioner

Antenatal anxiety and its effect on the child's behavioural and emotional development
Dr Tom O'Connor
, Institute of Psychiatry, London

Maternal depression and its impact on the child: findings from an 11 year follow-up study
Dr Susan Pawlby, Dept. of Perinatal Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London

Effects of birth care on maternal emotional health - a consumer perspective
Jean Robinson

'Silent Witness' - care and communication in the delivery room
Professor Keith Greene and Mrs Mo Harris
, Perinatal Research Group, Derriford
Hospital, Plymouth

1.00 pm Lunch and AGM of the RSM Forum on Maternity and the Newborn

2.00 pm Chair: Elvidina Adamson-Macedo, Neonatal Health Psvchologist, School of Applied
Sciences, University of Wolverhampton

The contribution of Midwifery and Health Visitor care to maternal emotional health Sandra Elliott, Maternal & Perinatal Partnership in Mental Health, St. Thomas's Hospital, London

Continuity of carer - making a difference
Becky Read and Cathy Walton
, The Albany Midwifery Practice, Deptford, London

Meeting the needs of parents in discharge planning in neonatal units
Jean Bain
, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

Continuity of psychological care from the neonatal unit to the home
Christina del Priore
, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Yorkhill NHS Trust, Glasgow

5.00 pm Close of meeting.