Chris Kettle

Are you sitting comfortably? Issues around Perineal Trauma.

Materials and methods for perineal repair.

Abstract: Morbidity associated with perineal injury related to childbirth constitutes a major health problem worldwide. There is wide variation in practice in both suture methods and materials used for perineal repair. Systematic reviews suggest that a continuous subcutaneous repair method for perineal skin closure may be associated with better outcomes, but midwives are usually taught to suture using the interrupted transcutaneous method, deemed to be an easier suturing technique to learn. Systematic reviews also show that synthetic absorbable materials are associated with a reduction in perineal pain when compared to traditional catgut, but concerns remain regarding the increased need to have sutures of this material removed postpartum. The Methods or Materials Study (MOMS) was designed to build on previous research and to evaluate the short and long term effects of two different suturing techniques and suture materials used for perineal repair following childbirth. .