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These are the subjects of some past meetings; many have links to the programmes:-

Abuse before and after birth.

Home births for the hesitant.

Life in the womb and beyond.

Multiple births.

An international maternity perspective.

Teenage pregnancy.

The very premature baby.

Pregnancy and HIV.

Psychological and ethical considerations of maternal screening.

The communication minefield (with a roleplay demonstration).

Training for maternity care.Click here to see the programme.

Changing Childbirth, a 5-year update.Programme

The changing facts of life: the effects of the new reproductive technologies. Programme

Pregnancy and Birth: a life event for fathers too. Programme

Babies - looking back and beyond. Long term effects of the fetal and neonatal environments.Programme

(Whole day meeting): After birth, into limbo - improving postnatal care.Programme

What is normal birth?Programme

Too posh to push? The issue of caesarian section on demand.

Attached or detached? Aspects of baby-parent attachment.

PREGNANCY CARE IN 2000. A model for leadership in healthcare in the 21st century.Programme

Small is beautiful, big is policy. The amalgamation of maternity units in the N.H.S.Programme

The Write Stuff: Supplying the information parents need.Programme

Caring for mothers with special needs.Programme

Active Birth, active management.Programme

Being a parent: inborn or learned? Programme.

"Others have done it, why can't we?" Changes in midwifery legislation here and abroad.Programme.

Normal birth. Programme
An Important Report