Antenatal HIV testing: issues for women who speak no English.
Carolyn Roth, Lecturer in Midwifery, St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, City University (with Shamoly Ahmed, Prof. Jane Sandall, Dr. Rayah Feldman, Judith Sunderland)

This study, conducted in East London, explored how information, choice and informed consent about HIV testing are facilitated for women who do not speak English, following the recommendation of antenatal HIV screening for all pregnant women (DoH 1999). We conducted focus groups with Sylheti*, French, Turkish and Somali speaking women who had recently used local maternity services, and with bilingual advocates and midwives.

This presentation will lay out a selection of our findings related to women's access to language support for their booking visits, their views of the information they received and key issues identified by women, advocates and midwives which impact on information giving and choices at antenatal booking.

*Sylheti is a language spoken in a region of Bangladesh.